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Team meetings occur every Thursday at 7:30pm in Rm. 2124 of Engineering Building III on Centennial Campus

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Saturday, October 13th, 2018

NASA Student Launch Initiative

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Full-Scale Flight and FRR

March 5th, 2018 - Article by Joseph Taylor

On February 24th, the team went out to the fields of Bayboro, NC for their first full-scale test flight. In fact, the launch was almost postponed after a black powder charge test earlier in the week damaged the body tube. The team worked quickly and efficiently to repair the damage so that we could be ready to launch as planned. That Saturday, the day went mostly without a hitch, and we were greeted by another Student Launch team (UNC Charlotte) at the field. After completing the launch day checklist, the rocket was carried out to the pad. An igniter was inserted and the team retreated to a safe distance where we waited. When the countdown reached zero, a brief pause followed and then a roar of life filled the air. A bright green flame cleaved the sky in half and our vehicle took to the skies. Upon recovery, the team discovered that the wind had dragged the vehicle through a significant amount of water damaging the body tube, and the parachute shock cord had further torn it down the side. After interpreting the series of beeps from the altimeters it was also noted the altitude was much higher than expected with the vehicle cresting just over 5,900ft, over 300 ft higher than the maximum allowed altitude by the competition. The ends of each body tube that were damaged were reinforced with fiberglass to prevent future damage and an addendum to the Flight Readiness Review, submitted this morning will be necessary. The recertification flight scheduled for this coming Saturday, March 10th.